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Bulletin of the Karaganda university
Economy series. Author Guide

Methodological guide to the design of articles,

published in the «Bulletin of the Karaganda University. Economy Series»

Science articles proposed for publication in "Bulletin of the Karaganda University. Economy series" must be written in English and provided in electronic form in .doc or .docx. format.  If the article was translated into English, the editorial board has the right to request from the author the original version of the article in Russian or Kazakh.

Guidelines for Paper Submission Karaganda University Bulletin. Economy Series (PDF)

The scientific article is sent to the journal's e-mail address: bulletin.ksu.economy@gmail.com. The name of the document or file must contain only the first author's last name and initials. For example, " SerikovAB.doc".

The volume of the article, including the bibliography, must be at least 7 and no more than 10 pages of text typed on a computer (Microsoft Word editor).

Technical requirements for article design:

- Microsoft Word *.doc (*.odt format is not recommended);

- font - Times New Roman;

- font size-11;

- line spacing - 1;

- text alignment - by width;

- paragraph indent - 0.8 cm. Do not indent paragraphs with spaces or tabs;

- margins: top and bottom - 25 mm, left and right-20 mm;

- alignment of titles-in the center, with chops at the top and bottom;

- text and title colors are black.

- hyphenation - automatic.

Attention!  Articles formatted in violation of the rules or containing a large number of grammatical and spelling errors, automatic translation into English, will not be accepted by the editors and will be returned to the authors without substantive consideration.

The editors have the right, if necessary, to request additional experimental data (for example, spectra) from the authors.

Regardless of the results of the initial review, the article may be rejected or returned for revision at any stage of the work if gross errors, extensive borrowings or erroneous citations are discovered.